How can you bring your Artificial Intelligence (AI) project forward? We can advise your organization on how best to use AI to achieve your business objectives. Our key area of expertise are : fuzzy logic, expert systems, categorization, problem solving, human reasoning, knowledge representation, machine learning, perception (visualization and analysis), natural language processing and virtual personal assistants.

Some examples of what we could do for your business

  • Manufacturing : predictive maintenance, propensity to buy, demand, forecasting, process optimization
  • Retail : predictive inventory, planning, recommendation engines
  • Healthcare and life sciences : diagnostic from real-time, patient data, disease identification, proactive health management
  • Travel and hospitality : scheduling, dynamic pricing, consumer, feedback and interaction analysis, congestion management
  • Financial services : risk analysis, customer segmentation, credit worthiness evaluation

Each business has existing processes. It is key to find the best way to reuse what is existing and to find the right way to implement the AI. The business rationalization and modernization tool we use can help achieving this.  For each impacted process, we will decide what to do: preserve, adjust or correct useful processes, remove processes that are no more used, reshape or upgrade processes to become brainy or consolidate processes and make them smarter.

Once this is done, the next steps are to design new processes to build your AI, structure your AI (Expert System), reuse necessary existing processes, define / update the supporting Artificial Brain (Data structure) using categorization & semantic networks and define input and output data sets.

Next key activity is to build a prototype of the AI. This means designing and implement the core algorithm who will bring to life this intelligence, testing all inputs, checking the outputs, adjust if necessary.

The final step is well known and can be resumed as being the set of traditional “build, test & deploy” activities.

Our services are: assess your need and help you define your way forward, make a prototype of the solution to ensure that business objectives are met and help you to build your AI solution and integrate it into your software landscape.


In addition to providing those consulting services, we can also help you to specify, design and implement intelligent software on your behalf. We can support those activities and maintain your application and execution framework through the entire development life cycle (Waterfall, V-Model or Agile).

Our services are: Software & Web Sites, Coding & Scripting, Support through planning, specifying, designing, coding, testing, deploying and running phases…